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The Wooster Ohio Nursing School Pre-Professional Programs

The College of Wooster recognizes the importance of a liberal arts background in preparing for a specific profession. The College of Wooster Ohio Nursing School benefits especially as For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Wooster combines the liberal arts studies with the health-profession curriculum to prepare their students pursuing a career calling in the health professions medicine, veterinary med, dentistry, and nursing. The College of Wooster Ohio principally calls this the Pre-Professional Programs for the Health-Professions.
This Pre-Professional Program offered by the College of Wooster provides pre-professional advising programs and also excellent opportunities to health-profession students to undergo research and clinical experience because of the College’s independent study program. The Pre-Professional Programs basically does this through 4-components: a strong curriculum in the sciences including undergraduate research; courses in the social sciences and humanities addressing ethical, economic, and social issues in the health-care field; practical programs focusing on themes such as how to plan for a career in medicine and how to apply to medical and dental school; and lectures by physicians and leaders in the health-care professions. The College of Wooster Ohio Nursing School gains much from this program as it aims to support and assist nursing students who want to combine the study of the liberal arts with their preparation for the nursing field-work.
The range of the Pre-Health Advising Program activities aid students in both their intellectual and career development grounded on the values and skills acquired in the study of the liberal arts. The Pre-Professional (Advising) Programs for the Health-Professions at Wooster provide advice on the development of an appropriate academic course for (nursing) students, co-curricular and volunteer experiences expanding the (nursing) student’s understanding of his given profession, guidance on summer (nursing) research opportunities, lectures by leaders in the various health professions including nursing, and information regarding the process of selecting and applying to graduate and professional (nursing) schools, as well as collaboration with a number of leading universities through established formal cooperative programs. This last feature is especially advantageous for the College of Wooster Ohio Nursing School students as it offers dual-degrees in liberal arts and nursing graduate/professional programs recognized in other Wooster Ohio nursing school institutions. Students in the Pre-Health Advising Program then, molds them to have professional skills grounded on a holistic approach making them more competent individuals in their chosen profession.
The multifaceted Pre-Health Advising faculty encourages students to take a balanced distribution of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities courses. The health-care profession students are thus enlightened in dealing effectively with the scientific, technological, economic, social, and ethical problems that their professions normally face as they are regularly immersed in courses and activities that address current issues in their health-care fields.
The Pre-Health Professional approach allows the College of Wooster Ohio nursing school and other health profession students to engage both intellectually and interactively with the current health-care issues through hands-on experiences, giving them a chance to keep with the nature of the problems facing their health-care professions nowadays.