Don’t Just Go On A Diet, – Watch What You Eat! P. T. Griffin

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I won’t pretend to be a diet guru. But I AM an advocate for eating well. I am embarking on a plan to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what I know to be true.
It’s important to understand that as important as the quantities of food you consume – are the types of food. Wholesome food, free of additives, can help your body stay healthy and may help you to reach your target weight goals. How?
The additives in foods to preserve them or make them look or taste better actually do more harm than good. Personally I think these additives have altered our taste buds so that what we have come to expect as the real taste of something is NOT that real at all. We are much better off eating foods in as natural state as possible.
Years ago when I was much smaller and weighed much less (smile) I often stayed with my grandparents in rural Virginia. Most of what we ate came from their gardens. It was usual for me to pick vegetables in the morning to be served for the daily meals.
For my money, there’s nothing like a tomato just off the vine, delicious sun-kissed squash or freshly husked corn to make a wonderful dining experience. What I’m getting at here is that this food-straight from the garden and onto the table is the way it was intended to be served. It was and still is better for you and the best part? In most cases, unless your doctor or dietician has advised otherwise, you may eat your fill of fresh vegetables and fruit.
This means you will become fuller faster but with foods that are better for you! What’s better do you think? Filling up on junk food and soda or on vegetables and milk or juice? I think you know.
Hand in hand with diet is excercise. Do you have to join a gym or run a marathon? Nope! You just have to get moving. A simple walk around the block, using the stairs instead of the elevator or parking a distance from the door to your destination are all small steps you can take to get some movement in your life.
And the last bit of advice is that you drink lots of water. Not only will it flush impurities from your system, you’ll feel fuller and likely eat less.
So as you diet-try something tried and true: In other words-don’t “diet” at all-just modify your habits and get moving to get great HEALTHY results.