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Study Proves That Headline Length Can Impact Profitability!

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Recently, I monitored an interesting discussion in one of the forums about the length of headlines on sales pages. Some of the posters were in favor of longer headlines because they communicated more information and had a better chance of catching the interest of the prospect. Other posters claimed that some headlines were so long that they were confusing. Some even claimed that they would take away your breath if you attempted to read them aloud. One poster thought that very…

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Recently, I monitored an interesting discussion in one of the forums … READ IT

Roofing Costs

Roof repairs Dublin company Ace Roofing contributed this post – they sponsor this blog!
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Roofing Costs

You are lying on your soft spacious bed enjoying the comfort and perks of a beautiful life, while there is a heavy downpour outside. You are oblivious to the winds brought by the rain, which you could care less. Suddenly, you feel droplets of water coming from the ceiling touching your face. You freaked out when you find out that your roof is leaking. The message you get is very clear; your roof needs immediate repairing.

Roof repair whether minor or major, signals that you are going to shell … READ IT

Low Flow Toilets… A Love, Hate Relationship

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This will come as no surprise, but were you aware that most owners of new homes are unhappy with their low-flow toilets?

Since 1992, when the U.S. government mandated the low-flows, we Americans have been subjected to considerably less flushing power…about half the water per flush than the old fashioned type. The newer units use about one and a half gallons of water versus the older ones that use about three and a half. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what …

Guest post today from Active Paving – Dublin patio providersfor many years.

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This will come as no surprise, but … READ IT