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Smart Marketing For Inventors Chapter 1 – Why protect your invention first?

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Are you confused about how to protect your invention and profit from it? This series of 10 articles is a patent and marketing primer for inventors that answers your most commonly asked questions.

Topics covered in this series include: 1) why protect your invention first; 2) turning your invention into a marketable product; 3) finding your customers; 4) determining marketability; 5) setting a profitable wholesale and retail selling price; 6) marketing channels; 7) contacting wholesalers and retailers; 8) distributing your invention; 9) marketing companies; and 10) conserve capital (money) except on educating yourself!

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Clay Tile Roofing

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Clay Tile Roofing

The derivation of clay tile roofing can be traced back from China and the Middle East. These two regions influenced and spread the use of the material throughout Asia and Europe. Even up to this time, Europeans have been using clay tiles for their roof and they also introduced this roofing material to the United States around 17th century. Clay tile roofing became famous in the US because of its durability, almost maintenance-free, and heat resistance.

Clay tile is mainly characterized by its shape and composition. Its other … READ IT