London builders: History of a bathtub.

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The bathtub is known for more than one thousand years. The most ancient baths, discovered during excavations of Cronos’s palace on Isle of Crete…

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bathroom, bath, bathtub

The bathtub is known for more than one thousand years. The most ancient baths, discovered during excavations of Cronos’s palace on Isle of Crete, date back to III century B.C. The ceramic baths discovered by archeologists were 2500 years old, but they were very similar to modern ones. By the way, one of the first bronze baths was discovered during excavations at Pompeii. At that time the baths were made of marble and terracotta. We also know that rich citizens of Greece and Rome had silver and even golden pools.

During excavations in one ancient city in India the archeologists discovered baths which age was more than 5 thousand years! Those “washing containers” were in each house of that city and its water facilities were very circumspect.

So even in old time people have appreciated curative properties of water. There is another historical fact. 2 thousand years ago sacred Hindu books “Science of life” contained the following phrase: “The water current is curative; water cools the fever heat and cures any illness”.

Culture of washing and stance on cleanliness of human body during different ages were reflected in design and accessories of bathrooms. One would think that Spartans, bent on religion of strength and health, did not know anything of bathrooms. Besides, they washed only in cold water because they feared to run into a sin of delicacy.

The religion of water blossomed in Ancient Rome. From history we know, that bathrooms were in many private dwellings. Public baths, or “terms” worked regularly, too. By the way, the word “bath” came from a Latin word “balneum” – “to banish the pain”. 200 years B.C. nearly 1000 terms worked in Rome! They had been built under the decree of emperors and named by their names. For example, terms of emperor Karkalla were especially perfect. Every term could contain 2300 persons at a time. There were hot and cold water pools, rooms with individual baths, steam baths and massage rooms. People came to terms not just to wash off the dirt but to relax: to have a rest, to listen to lectures of philosophers and to have a walk in patio gardens. So even then there were some kinds of membership clubs. And in magnificent bathrooms of Emperor Nero it was possible to arrange true feasts and to combine “useful” and “pleasant”.

The Roman sin of pleasant and long bathing was unacceptable for severe middle ages. People washed themselves on rare occasions. At the most a bath was a tile-fronted reservoir or a round wooden tub filled with hot water. The tub was an article of luxury; it was granted for rent from house to house. For the purpose of hot water saving in one tub at a time usually washed two people.

In order to keep the water hot, in XVIII century had been invented and used closed “baths-boots” which were about one meter long. There is one more historical fact about baths. One of French revolution leaders Marat had been killed by a dagger in such bath-boot.

French coppersmith Level in XVII century had set a mass production of metal baths in Europe. He had invented a geyser. For very long time his invention had been out of competition and hadn’t any, more perfect, analogues.
During the reign of Queen Victoria, new devotees of cleanliness placed hip metal baths right in their bedrooms near the mantelpieces that allowed to nimble owner to take the water procedures promising health and longevity right after sleep. A sign of coming century was a cult of health and sports.

A sparkling nickel bath and a white tile in the bathroom had become typical in houses at the beginning of XX century. A large window in the bathroom was a necessity because the bathroom had to be filled with fresh air. In bathrooms of that period of time there were also mantelpieces, shower cabins with nickel-plated rails for taking shower while sitting in wicker chair; large bathtub where a group of people could be washed at a time; monumental marble washstand and huge water-closet…

Time goes by. Increasing opportunities of people give rise to increased demand on modern sanitary means. Culture of washing and stance on cleanliness of a human body during different ages were reflected in design and accessories of bathrooms. Nowadays, abundance of market grants to consumer almost boundless freedom of choice of bathroom design. In short, the bathroom is to be not only a place of your body hygiene, but also a place where your soul can rest.

Small Business Marketing Magic

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Learn the necessary skills and tools you can use to achieve small business success.

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Once upon a time, in 1969, there was a young woman who had a dream of starting her own company. She had ideas, talent and work ethic to spare but what she didn’t have was cash. After careful research she found that marketing would cost more than all the other aspects of her business combined. Out came the credit cards, family loans and savings. After a few months the woman realized that she had mortgaged her future to the hilt and she still couldn’t make enough money to buy her way out of debt. Sadly, she closed up shop and went back to a job she hated at an uncaring corporation.

Fast-forward thirty years and meet a young man working at an insurance company who dreamed of starting his own small business as a financial planner. He had the education and experience but what he didn’t have was cash. The year is 1999 and after a few weeks of research the young man realized that marketing and promotion were vital to the success of his business. However, the young man knew about a magical method of promotion that wasn’t available to the young woman in 1969. What was the magical method he used to start his business part-time and build it into a full-time thriving practice after six months? The answer, of course, is the internet!

It’s true that the internet seems like a capricious magician that selectively waves a magic wand over some small businesses. However, the reasons for this became glaringly clear to the young man after he completed his research. He discovered that success is garnered by avoiding scams such as “business opportunities” that seem too good to be true. In addition to hard work and patience he stayed away from spam, Free For All Links (FFAs), pyramid schemes, network marketing, sweepstakes and investment fraud. He used sdfdsvcfdscddcs.scambustersxhcb to avoid anything that remotely resembled a scam.

The young man developed a marketing plan focusing on the internet and after six months he found the following free or nearly free strategies worked best:

Press Releases – Particularly helpful if the release is tied to an upcoming holiday or a recent event.

Creating Content – Offering articles and case studies is by far the most reliable way to find clients and brand yourself as an expert in your field.

Book Reviews – Some on-line books stores like Amazonxhcb allow you to post reviews of books you’ve read. These reviews will be tied to an “About Me” page that can include information about you and your business and your URL.

Forums – Joining forums that cover your area of expertise is a good move. Help people by answering questions about your topic and include your URL in your signature.

Testimonials – Wise marketers ask every existing client for testimonials to be used on their website and/or printed marketing material.

Newsletters – Keeping in touch with customers and prospects with an on-line e-zine is a good way to build a steady stream of loyal clients.

Teleseminars – A small investment in a bridge line allows a group of people to sign up for a free or fee based seminar on your area of expertise.

Referrals – Proactively asking clients for referrals works better if they are offered a discount on products or services in return.

Solo E-zine Ads – Solo ads are an advertisement or article sent by itself to a list of newsletter readers. Many solo ads are competitively priced and offer a generous amount of room for your message.

The young man learned a lesson that we can all appreciate. There is no “get rich quick schemes” that work on or off-line. The only way to prosper hasn’t changed over time… build client relationships with hard work and excellent customer service. Cultivate patience and find your own internet magic by following in the footsteps of the young man.

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Classic Roofing

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Classic Roofing

With all the roofing styles and designs that you can choose in the market today, you probably need a little help to push you to the right direction. Proper planning and substantial time should be allotted in choosing the perfect roofing design that would best suit your home. After all, roofs greatly contribute to the look you want your home to depict.

In considering classic roofing styles, you’ll perhaps find the variety almost limitless. From clay to metal tile, you can be certain that you can find the style that would best compliment your home. Classic roofing often requires a considerable amount of craftsmanship and expertise. Adding roof details would greatly contribute to the beauty and elegance of the roof. That is why aside from choosing premium grade materials, it is equally important to hire only the best roofing contractors in your area. This would ensure superior quality workmanship and your satisfaction.

Today, people would prefer virtually maintenance free roofs. Wooden shakes, of course would need extra care and protection. However, there are a dozen alternatives to the classic roofing often found in archetypal homes. Often, the use recycled roofing materials are perfectly appropriate to help you in achieving the classic roofing style to want to pull off. It is also advisable to use the lightweight, synthetic products if you like the traditional, classic roofing design.

The conventional roofing materials commonly used often cannot withstand high winds and other severe weather elements as effectively as synthetic materials. There are steel tiles which are designed to look like classic roofing tile but with the benefit of easier installation and considerably cheaper too. Synthetic roofing materials are available in various styles and textures that you can choose from to achieve the appearance you seek for your roof. The synthetic classic roofing will not only give you the protection and coverage against harsh weather conditions, you can confidently expect it to last longer than the standard cedar or slate roofs.

There are many newer slates and imitation shakes that are actually filled with rubber compounds, making it capable to better inhibit the harmful UV rays, and more durable and fire resistant. Synthetic materials are notably much easier to install using air pressured nail guns.

When first deciding the style of roofing to wish to adapt, be sure to evaluate the benefits of every option. Decide which style that will best enhance the beauty of your home, and would still offer the durability that you need.

London builders: Comfort in a small bathroom. Part2.

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Let’s assume that you want to have the maximum of necessary sanitary equipment and the extended set of facilities.

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bathroom, small bathroom, floor tiles, shower, sink

Let’s assume that you want to have the maximum of necessary sanitary equipment and the extended set of facilities. But if you locate it in the traditional way, it will be absolutely impossible to turn around. Non-standard decisions can help in such cases. For example, the unusual configuration of the bathroom can offer very interesting decisions. The equipment will not fit, if mounted at a right angle, but upon changing the corner of mounting of this equipment, you will get free access to it.

“Flexible” organization of useful space will help to increase roominess. For example, a turning box can be mounted in the corner of the shower cabin. The full-equipped bath can be combined with the shower cabin. It is desirable to face all part of the space with the same material, in order to achieve visual unification.

The colour in the bathroom is mainly determined by wall and floor tiles. Here there works the common rule for all types of premises: light tones and transparent materials visually extend area, dark tones diminish it. Do not use the tile of dark or extremely bright tones and the tile with a large pattern. Sparkling surfaces are not suitable too, they make things seem heavier. It is better to choose mat surfaces of tiles and furniture. Floor tiles, faced bias, visually widens the premise.

The illumination of the bathroom must be reasonable because it is not a surgical operating-room. The lamp in the mirror zone is functional.

Furniture and equipment. It is important to use the possibility for storing things, without sacrificing free space in the bathroom. Compact baths, shower facilities, mirrors, boxes, small furniture are developed especially for small bathrooms. Compact light furniture from the same collection adds lightness to the premise. Shelves on roller bearing from the chrome-plated metal with wire mesh sliding containers can prove to be practical and comfortable. The area under the desk top of the wash-stand and over it, is maximally used for mounting of shelves and boxes.

It is even possible to hide the washing machine under the desk top.

If there is no place for the furniture at all, we will maximally use the area of walls, i.e. wall niches and shelves.

Mirrors are considered to be traditional methods of visual widening of the area. In our case we cannot do without mirrors. It is most appropriate here, it is functional, aesthetical and visually widens the area. It is possible to make it versatile: it can not simply hung on the wall, but serve as the door for the closet for small things. If the bathroom it not sufficiently illuminated, the mirror with the changing angle of the slope fastened on wall can bring additional convenience.

Heating elements, heated tower rails, without which we can not imagine a bathroom, also require space. Let’s think whether we can make them multifunction. For example, we can transform the heated tower rail into the system that supports the small shelf for necessary trifles and serves simultaneously as the supporting system for the folding screen (it can be an effective and practical alternative to the shower-curtain).

Small space obliges you to think over the design to the smallest details, in order to turn the bathroom into an aesthetical and functional room. Our allies are colour, light and shape. If the primary variant of planning does not correspond to your objectives, the planning can be changed within reasonable limits, in order to achieve maximum comfort.

Small Business Marketing: Are We There Yet?

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Marketing is not like the family vacation. If you’re like the kids asking, “Are we there yet?”, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for with your marketing.

small business marketing, marketing tips, marketing ideas, marketing strategy

Small business marketing is not like taking a family vacation.

Did anybody take a family vacation this summer? Do you have children of your own, or do you remember what it was like when you were a kid taking a trip somewhere?

I can still remember the family vacations as a youngster growing up. Our famous treks across America in the family station wagon or the rented RV, when the station wagon became impractical. Now with my own family we’ve taken some similar but generally smaller scale trips.

It seems like one of the most asked questions from a child – “Are we there yet?” Or the other favorite is, “How much longer?” Even families that fly to their vacation destination I’m sure can relate.

What does this have to do with marketing?

I think sometimes (maybe many times) service business owners can become like that child in regards to their marketing. Are we there yet? How much longer?

You work on a web site, or a brochure, or go to networking events and send out letters. Then you wonder when you’re going to start getting results. When does the fun start? You know, the fun — when prospects start calling and others refer and send business your way.

And much like the family vacation, continual asking of are we there yet or how much longer often leads to unplanned stops or detours. You stop to work on other things because there is so much to do and it’s sometimes hard to see how this marketing is going to work.

Marketing shouldn’t start and stop.

Most people say they understand, even if their actions say differently, that marketing is an ongoing activity. Marketing isn’t like a vacation where you have a final destination and then you stop traveling because you’re there.

Unfortunately, many small businesses get frustrated or burned out when they work on their marketing. They want to know, “how long this is going to take”. Are we there yet?

And far too many times, they abandon their marketing “campaign” because it wasn’t getting them results and taking them where they wanted to go. But even worse than that, many times the “are we there yet” mentality didn’t even let them finish planning or put the idea into action.

Eventually they start planning, or maybe just take off on, another marketing trip. Once again, they start wondering how much longer it will be. Are we there yet?

Marketing needs to be an ongoing, lifelong kind of journey for your business. It takes regular and consistent effort to keep your pipeline full of good, high-quality leads and to keep moving your prospects forward until they become paying clients. That means continuously marketing even when you have clients you’re busy working with.

Keep Moving On.

The question “are we there yet?” needs to become “how do we keep going?” Yes, you do need to monitor results so you can assess how well things are working to get you where you want to go. When your measurements show you that something is working, keep doing it. In fact, do more of it.

But you can also keep striving to reach new heights as well. How can you continuously improve even the things that are working to get even better, more consistent results?

If you continue to ask the question, “Are we there yet?” you might just stall out on your journey. You see, eventually you’ll discover some marketing strategies that will start to attract attention and generate the response you’ve been hoping for. It might seem like in fact, “you are there” and so you put the marketing on cruise control.

How to keep moving forward.

When you find yourself asking this most asked question, consider any or all of the following ideas to keep you continuously moving forward.

Study up on marketing. There is no shortage of resources out there. You need to find them and begin consuming them. There are lots of books available on the subject. Look for the ones that offer proven, hands-on strategies and tactics. Remember, one or two good ideas now and then could make a significant difference to your business.

Form or join a “think tank” or mastermind group. Find a group of people who care just as much about your success as you do, just as you’ll care about their success. This is not a group of friends who will simply stroke your ego. Look for an honest group who will ask the tough questions and demand accountability from each other while supporting each others’ efforts.

Attend talks and workshops. If you go and participate fully, you’ll often get just as much from the other participants as you will from the session itself.

Get hands-on assistance. Working with a coach or marketing consultant who can help you focus, set goals, prioritize, create action plans and help hold you accountable could be an invaluable experience for your business.

Support from outside resources like this can help you shift from a mindset of “are we there yet” to a mindset of “how can we keep going.” They’ll help you continue to see possibilities beyond where things currently stand in your business.

Cedar Roofing

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Cedar Roofing

Wood shake is one of the roofing materials that is a choice of some homeowners for an aesthetic result of their homes, though not generally widely used by most residential owners and even in commercial applications. Wood shakes or shingles are usually made from cedar, a coniferous growing tree known for its natural properties and features. By and large, cedar roofing can be a good choice for quality roofing.

Cedar is a very attractive and hard-wearing type of wood, with color tones varying from red to light amber and some in a honey-brown look. Because of its resilience, the type of material makes it an economical choice. Moreover, it can also be the perfect choice as an outdoor building material, not just for roofing but also for sidings.

To better understand the essence of cedar roofing, there is also a need to know how a cedar shingle or shake is being made and its other basics. A cedar wood is initially being cut or slated and is trimmed and squared according to its use either for roofing or siding. A cedar shingle ranges from 8 to 20 cm wide and its thickness also varies. And since the dimension of each cedar shingle is not uniform, no two cedar shakes or shingles are exactly the same. Cedar shingles are also commonly called the cedar roofing shakes. After slating and forming each shingle into its appropriate dimension, the material is being treated with chemicals or Class B or C fire retardant for resistance from fire. Other chemical treatments are for prevention of moss growth and mildew and fungal decay which are the natural enemies of cedar roofing. To make it an even more suitable roofing material, the slated shingles are kiln dried or undergo a heating system process.

The choice for cedar roof doesn’t just contribute a look of elegance and style on your home but it adds to durability purposes. Because it is treated and kiln dried, the material becomes resistant to insects and moss or fungal growth. Cedar roofing, being a natural insulator, keeps your home interior cool and cozy during hot season and sustains warmth during cold climates.

When choosing cedar roof for your rooftop, you are not just enhancing your home’s exterior features, you are also making a wise investment for your property’s value. This is the only roofing material that has authentic and natural properties but adds character to your home and when properly maintained, can even last for years.

London builders: Comfort in a small bathroom. Part1.

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In glossy magazines bathroom looks like as a luxurious salon. Shine and glitter everywhere, every trifle has its own place on the shelf….

Guest post today from Active Paving – Dublin patio providersfor many years.

bathroom, small bathroom, floor tiles, shower, sink

In glossy magazines bathroom looks like as a luxurious salon. Shine and glitter everywhere, every trifle has its own place on the shelf, a glance through the window allows you to marvel at wonderful nature and clouds swimming in the sky. There is ample space for a training simulator, solarium and a couch to have a rest on it. But what do we have in a standard flat? Bathroom, combined with lavatory, with the area of 3-5 sq. m, which you can hardly dare to call “a room”. But if the designer assumes the slogan “it is better to have less, but better”, the result can be impressive. Today we will tell you about methods, which allow to make a small bathroom into comfortable enough, beautiful and modern.

Planning and location of the sanitary equipment is preconditioned by the location of lifting pipes, as well as run pipes of hot and cold water. The most fixed is the connection of the lavatory pan to the discharge stack. This part is usually hidden in the box that is hardly pleasant to look at. If the stack has been already built, it is better not only to hide it, but also to use it with utmost rationality, for example, to hide the toilet bowl into it. If you resorted to re-planning, the range of decisions widens considerably. Rational location of the sanitary equipment easily to free some useful space. Modern sanitary equipment allows to mount the wash-bawl and lavatory pan on the one low partition from different sides, which provides the economy of space and functional zoning of the water closet. There are modern models of lavatory pans with deep washing off, which is fixed directly to the wall. Such decision helps not only to save area, but also increase the convenience of washing the lavatory pan.

The partition can also divide the bathroom and the sink, or the sink and the shower cabin, which is thus reliably insulated. The principal advantage of such partition is that it conceals the pipeline system.

Installation of pipelines of the sanitary equipment also is possible in adjacent to walls low pedestals of the bathroom. It reduces the time and cost of construction jobs, in this case it is possible to do without the brick-mason and plasterer. Built-in objects of sanitary equipment have various design. The most popular are shells with jogs up to 1 m, their upper surfaces of which can be used as shelves. The pedestal elements can be faced by tiles, wall-papers or decorated by wood.

The area can also be divided by more functional things, for example, by furniture; in the small lavatory, the toilet and wash-stand zone can be separated from each other by the narrow toilet box with the sliding section, and this box would be located on the electric heater that adds the electric heating system for floor, or on the other item, used in the bathroom. For complete comfort, the distance from the partition or wall of the box to the lavatory pan is to be not less than 10inches. The assembling unit of the sanitary equipment with the facing panel, built-in in the corner, occupies the minimum useful space.

Corner decisions open large prospects. In the corner one can perfectly locate the laundry washer and small angular storage place over it, sometimes the bath, wash-bowl, lavatory pan can be assembled there, vacating their “traditional” places.

Corner shower cabin allows to achieve comfort on the minimum area. Such variant is optimum for cramped premises: the centre of rotation of the door can be customised, it is also possible to purchase cabins with corner entry, with sliding doors and with round and pentahedral shape. As it is made from natural glass, it does not encumber the area. In very small bathrooms it is possible to restrict yourself only to douche and to give up the build-in receptor. As a result, the room will seem more spacious. Such douche can be separated from the bathroom only by a light glass partition, which protects the premise from splashes.

Small Ads Produce Dynamic Results: 4 Steps to Exploding Your Market With Small Ads

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Dynamite comes in small packages… or in small ads in the marketing realm. Our natural instincts scream that BIGGER IS BETTER! Is it really true?

small ads, headline, copy

Dynamite comes in small packages… or in small ads in the marketing realm. Our natural instincts scream that BIGGER IS BETTER! Is it really true? Sure, the small advertisement doesn’t have the luxury to of listing all of the benefits and cementing the deal. It does whet the reader’s appetite for more information and clearly directs them to the desired info. Here are 4 easy steps to make small ads work for you.

1. One Product, One Target
Let’s face it, you don’t have space to waste. Decide on your specific target audience and focus on one specific product. Keep it simple, direct, and powerful… a one act production.

2. Let Your Headlines Shout It
The headline is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your advertisement. It will decide whether the reader reads or trashes the remainder of the information. You’ve go to get it right, and say it loudly. Focus on the most outstanding benefit of your product.

3. Back Up Your Headline
You don’t need to write stories or essays here. Remember this is a SHORT ad. Brief benefits can back up your headline just as effectively. Fast!… As Easy As 1,2,3 … and Satisfaction Guaranteed… all speak the message you want to portray with no frills to distract readers from the main point.

Don’t forget to give the reader exact instruction on how to take advantage of the offer you’re advertising! Keep it simple and easy, yet clear and with several options to choose from. List a Website address, a telephone number, and a fax number. Make sure it’s convenient for the reader to get the information he wants.

4. Continuously Test It’s Effectiveness
The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. What will happen if you change your headline… spice it up a little? What about using different copy? You’ll never know unless you experiment!

Don’t change more than one part of the ad at a time, if you’re expecting to discover exactly what is most effective.

These 4 step advertisements are perfect for classified ads in magazines, newspapers or on the Web, direct mail postcards, and emails. The potential profits from small marketing tool can produce astronomical results!

Best Roofing Materials

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Best Roofing Materials

Roofing has been one of the most important compositions of a building. When considering putting up a house or a commercial building, it is necessary to take into account the quality of roofing materials to use and its durability, apart from its aesthetic value and style. A good quality but inexpensive roofing is what most of us would like to have for our new homes. Or, if you would need extensive renovation on your roof, you might as well choose the type of roof that would last for a number of years and withstand changing weather conditions. This is when you need to know and find out the best roofing materials. So what are a few popular and best roofing materials?

A roof may be made up of composition shingles, wood shakes, clay tile, slate, concrete tile, and metal roofs. Shingles consist of fiberglass and paper, sheltered with asphalt, and is covered with colored granules. This is probably the one of the commonly used and the least expensive roofing material. A composition shingle, commercially available, typically weighs around 200 to 350 lbs. Because this type of roofing material can be easily used in different applications, it may not necessarily require a professional to do the roofing job; you may do the installation yourself since this can simply be nailed over an existing roof.

If you opt for a look of style for your home, wood shakes may be an option. The best wood shakes are that of an old cedar tree. While this may give an aesthetic look, it does not account for long-lasting value and sturdiness because its composition is prone to molds, unwanted termites, and it could even rot in the long run. However, it allows a cooler and a more insulated effect when it comes to ventilation.

Roof tiles, unlike shingles, can be costly and requires professional installation. This is due to its considerably heavy weight and the fragility of the material. Clay and concrete are the most common roof tiles that are being used. Home and other building constructions that use concrete tiles need to have a well-supported framework to keep the tiles in place for quite sometime.

Another roofing material that can often be seen in more fashionable and stylish homes is slate. It looks like shingles but in a rock composition, and it can be as heavy as a concrete tile. Like tiles, it requires a strong framework for it to be nailed in place. Both tiles and slate are good choice for durability and endurance. Also, they require less maintenance as compared to wood shakes.

Finally, a seemingly becoming more widely used roofing material nowadays is metal roofing. You can almost see them on houses almost everywhere because of its proven durability and long-lasting value. It does not get eaten up by fire and is very much maintenance-free. When it comes to weight, this is relatively light compared to the rest of the roofing materials.

Planning up on a good roofing structure for your home will most likely depend on your personal choice for the best roofing materials. But you have to consider three important factors in choosing which are the best roofing materials to be used: know what style do you want for your roof, think of the cost or expense, and consider the location, whether the roof can resist the type of weather conditions in that place. It’s always wise to know the best roofing materials available in the markets today.

London builders: bathroom right choice.

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How to choose the right bathroom suite from all the variety we have on the market? What is it necessary to consider when choosing a bathtub or necessary equipment? Well chosen and successfully placed bathtub and equipment will make them comfortable and easy to use.

Guest post today from Active Paving – Dublin patio providersfor many years.

bathroom installation , bathroom interior design

What makes a good bathroom.
How to choose the right bathroom suite from all the variety we have on the market? What is it necessary to consider when choosing a bathtub or necessary equipment? Well chosen and successfully placed bathtub and equipment will make them comfortable and easy to use.

To start at the right time.
It is necessary to choose needed bathroom equipment (including a bathtub) before the new bathroom installation works start. Having decided on the arrangement of bathroom equipment, it is necessary to work out water-piping and drainage system, in case new layout differs from the existing one.

A selection and a number of pipes and fitment required (connectors, fittings, branch boxes, etc) shall be chosen in accordance with the configuration plan. In case the existing layout is preserved, it is necessary to decide whether old bathroom pipes need to be replaced. New bathroom units installation starts just before the beginning of finishing works.

Where to start with when choosing a bathtub.
When choosing a bathtub, it is necessary to following criteria. A bathtub needs to be of comfortable size and form, to fit to the size and interior of the new renovated bathroom. The bathtub should be solid and resistant to mechanical damages, resistant to solvent action of water (wooden bathtubs or Ofuro, also known as furo a traditional Japanese bath, normally associated with a steep-sided wooden bathtub). A new bathroom installation system shall correspond to the existing water supply system. In case drainage accessories (waste traps) are not included in a set, it is necessary to buy a bathtub and a waste trap at the same time to provide compatibility of constructions. All of the bathtubs are supplied with the openings for overflow which are structurally connected with a bath trap.

It is recommended to choose mixers when purchasing a bath as well. It is important to know that
installing a new bathtub, it is necessary to allow a comfortable space near the new bathtub to make your bathroom safe to use. Also it is better to choose a model with anti-slip coating on a bottom which is provided by adding quartz granulated material or rubber droplets. For convenience of using, fashionable bathtubs are often provided with different types of elbow-rests, headrests, comfortable chrome-plated or gilded handles, housing for soap dishes, etc. Many manufacturers produce baths with the backrests of anatomic form which follow human body curves. Depending on a buyer’s predilections and general bathroom interior design, it is possible to choose a bathroom suite of nearly any color. Usually, most of available commercial bathroom suites are of white color. More refined colors are supplied to order. Timing of orders differs.

What does a price of a bathroom suite depends on?
Manufacturing material (in increasing price: steel, cast-iron, acrylic), a size (bathtubs of standard sizes are cheaper), a form (rectangular bathtubs are cheaper than angular and shaped ones, at other equal descriptions: manufacturing material, class, setting). Also the presence of additional functional details: headrests, elbow-rests, seats, handles, shelves, etc. A class and design of a product defines the price range too: “practical”, “first class”, “super de luxe”. For example the “super de luxe” rectangular cast-iron bathtub is more expensive than the “practical” shaped acrylic bathtub).

What is not recommended.
Buying a bathtub in case there are even insignificant chips or cracks on its surface. Choosing a bathroom suite supplier it is better to buy a bathroom suite of the known bathroom manufacturer, which guarantees quality of material and coverage: thoroughness of surface treatment before enamel application (no gaps, no knobs, nor crumbs or sand are allowed under enamel), quality of the bathtub enamel and its application. Identical colors of different bathroom suite suppliers can have different tones, therefore, it is better to buy a complete set of bathroom equipment of one manufacturer.